VDive F01 – V.design Low Volume Mask


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This product is a single mirror sales price (with V.DIVE FREE series _ mirror collection box) Technical Specifications _ Advantages: New Two-sided Mirror Suitable Oriental Face Low volume super mirror Low Volume Super Mask #Expert-level, exclusive backrest-architecture assembly system, quick adjustment of strips, strong sense of structure, easy replacement of parts # High-quality transparent silicone double skirt, enhance the upgrade design, the skirt hole surface is more obedient to the face # Synthetic carbonate high-profile plastic body and two-color injection technology # Focus the focus and field of vision, shorten the distance between the eye and the mirror, reduce the volume of the mirror, and facilitate the drainage of the mirror #Tempered Glass T Tempered High-Temperature Tempered Glass, #Double Symmetry Perfect Lens, Install Nearsighted Lenses, Mount UV Mirror Lens Mirrored


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