Scubapro Jet Fins w/ Rubber Strap


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Scubapro Jet Fins with Rubber Strap is famous. This distinctive fin design set the standard for power and durability when it was first introduced 50 years ago. Its durable rubber construction and beefy shape can still be seen on dive boats, research vessels and in the world s most remote dive locales. Mention JET FIN to virtually anybody who holds a C-card and they ll know exactly what you re talking about.
Featuring a proven vented design that decreases drag on the up stroke and enhances thrust on the down stroke, the JET FIN delivers just the right amount of power and maneuverability for the job at hand. That s why to this day tech divers, deep divers, military divers, commercial divers, dive instructors — as well as old-school recreational divers — still strap on their favorite pair of JET FINS before every dive.


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