Mares 75XR AST 1st Stage Regulator – NR – Air G5/8


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– 4 vertical and 4 radial LP ports (3/8 UNF)
– Two pre-oriented HP ports
– Perfect, snag-free LP hose positioning
– Full metal body
– Chrome-plated marine brass
– Compact, solid, one-piece body
– Balanced diaphragm DFC preferential flow path
– Extreme reliability highest safety
– New ACT valve – Advanced Coating Technology
– Maximized breathing comfort
– Environmental dry system = Keeps water out of the main spring chamber + prevents ice buildup + keeps silt and contamination out
– Cold water resistant
– DIN only
– Designed for extreme depth, demanding dives & mixed gas diving (helium, o2, nitrogen)
– For twinset use but equally suitable for single or stage cylinder configurations

– AST- Auto Sealing Technology
– Keeps the first stage dry. reliability without compromise
– The system is automatically activated by air
– Tested with oxygen and cold temperatures in demanding environments
– Patented system

– code: 416406 – NR: air – G5/8
– code: 416406 – NX: O2 – M26


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