i-Torch Black Star BS-40


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The BS-40 is a unique offering from iDivesite – a single unit providing 2flexible photo/video light sources, each boasting 2000 lumens of light in a100-degree arc.Ideally top-mounted to your housing with a YS-adaptor, it replaces theneed for independent arms, clamps and lights for your rig. At a costcomparable to that of a single strobe, this powerful alternative can saveyou a ton of equipment costs and travelling weight. Of course, if youcan't leave home without your strobes, your arms are still free toaccomodate them.Remember to get a spare battery (B-1498B) for rotation!Read DPG's review at http://www.divephotoguide.com/underwater-photography-special-features/article/review-idivesite-blackstar-40-underwater-photo-video-lights/


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