i-Torch Black Star BS-30


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If you're looking for iDivesite's latest top-of-the-line photo/video light, it'sthe BS-30.Boasting 3000 lumens in a 110-degree arc, its operating modes includewhite (3 levels), red (2 levels), SOS and UV for fluorescence shooting! TheBS-30 is only the second iDivesite model to have this feature (after theVideo Pro 6). Be the first in your diving circles to create these stunningimages! Read DPG's guide on fluorescence photography athttp://www.divephotoguide.com/underwater-photography-techniques/article/pro-technique-underwater-fluorescence-photography/The BS-30 is powered by 2 high capacity 18650 Lithium batteries andruns for approximately 50 mins at 100%. At normal usage, you wouldusually only need to swap out the batteries after 2 dives. As alwaysrecommended, get 2 spare batteries (B-1834) for rotation.


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