VDive 235 – Xtreme Dual Lens Mask


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This product is a single mirror sales price (with v.design series _ mirror collection box) 235 white gum v.design higher-order series *** Attached _ Platinum Edition _ Drilling tape _V.LOGO Design strip Technical Specifications _ Advantages: Brilliant Eyes Focus + High-quality texture with special surface treatment ***[Can also add myopia lenses -1.5 –9.0 ]*** Separate purchase Add person shopping cart Purchased by option Additional CL myopia lenses [Surface model number 202, 235, 401] # Frame: High-level PC plastic impact safety / Japan Teijin PC plastic # Lens: 3.2mm Advanced Tempered Glass -Optional Replacement – Myopia Lens (-1.5~-9.0)~ # Mask: SILICONE Advanced Silicone Mask (Drilling white tape _V.LOGO Design Silicone tape (This product is made from Japan Shinetsu brand high specification silicone) # Ear cover system: standard adjustable, up and down rotation (easy to replace parts)

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