VDive MB33S – X UV Mirrored Dual Lens Mask


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MB33s TYPE X black silicone v.design high-end series *** With _ Advanced Edition _ Black Tape _V.LOGO Design Strip Technical Specifications _ Advantages: Wide-angle 45 degree view Face design Large window performance Perfect interpretation of oriental face The mold is as artistically exquisite, the precise mold mathematical function calculation, the complicated process CNC, creates the perfect B33 TYPE X # Frame: High-level PC plastic impact safety / Japan Teijin PC plastic # Lens: 3.2mm Advanced Tempered Glass # Mask: SILICONE Advanced Silicone Mask (Transparent tape _V.LOGO Design Silicone tape (This product is made from Japan Shinetsu brand high specification silicone) # Ear cover system: Separate backing system for quick adjustment, vertical rotation (easy to replace parts)


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